Heavy Duty

MUL-375 Heavy Duty Tensioner for Wide Cord Strapping

  • Advanced wide tensioner patented design with superior performance on the heaviest cord applications
  • Easily cuts all cord types
  • Best tensioning performance available on the market
  • Patented vertical gripper motion allows for easy strap release and greater holding power
  • All steel construction minimizes damage from accidental drops
  • Flagship woven strapping tensioner among cord manufactures
Strap TypeComposite/Woven Cord
Strap Width3/4" (19 mm) to 1 5/8" (42 mm)
Strap ThicknessAll existing straps
Joint TypeBuckle
Weight7 lbs (3.2 kg)
FootprintL: 4.75"; W: 4"
Handle Length12"

Features and Operation:


Maintenance Guides:

  Cuuter Replacement
  Gripper Foot Replacement

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