The usage of packaging Dunnage Bags are a modern way to protect and stabilize your goods in transit be it via land, air, or maritime transport. Dunnage bags perfectly solve the problem of using static commodities as a means for filling empty space.

How do Dunnage Bags work?

All air bags contain a plastic pneumatic valve through which air can be filled up. The valve is removable to allow for the bags to be deflated once the goods arrive at their destination. After the dunnage bags are placed in the void between the cargo they are filled up using a compressor whilst monitoring the integrity of the bag with a pressure gauge. Benefits of Air Dunnage Bags:

    • Water resistant and repellent
    • Robust and durable. Can hold load of up to 30 Tons
    • Quick, fast, and easy application
    • Reusable. Can be deflated and easily stored

Dunnage bags are a solution for many transportation problems for transport companies as well as manufacturing firms are responsible for the transport of their goods to customers.