Have you ever dreamed to go to Thailand for leisure? Now you have a chance to go in business! Mark your calendars for June 15-18, because it is going to be hot in Thailand. Join for a number one processing and packaging show in Asia. Expo will be taking place in Bangkok. Please, visit Upcoming Events On Packaging World - Teknika Strapping Systems in case you wish to consider also packaging events in Europe.

Asia has a great market potential which is exponentially growing and seems to only be increasing through the next decade. It brings interest from public overseas to its’ fast-moving consumer goods markets. Increased demand in alimentary and pharmaceutical products in Asia propels to improve product image shape, but also comply with the international standards by domestic companies, as well as transfer the international businesses locally to meet the needs of the customers. ProPak had done a minecraft job to get to where it is today, at its’ 23rd consecutive gathering for the main players. For this reason, the exhibition sits at the interception of the supply and demand balance targeted onto the Asian market. Therefore, ProPack Asia becomes an annual paramount meeting platform through whole Asia, which brings business giants together to identify business trends and also set the market dynamics for the region.

From raw materials to ready products; from separate utensils to complex factory machinery; from single ideas to wholly developed solutions – this is what awaits the visitors at this event. The presented technology mainly assists for such industries as Food, Beverages, Laboratory and Testing, Pharmaceutic, Printing. Large constituent of the gathering is also about the packaging materials and technology, parts, machinery, solutions, etc. in overall. If you are looking for various packaging technology, you might want to read our Blog About Strapping - Teknika Strapping Systems to find out about strapping solutions, poly banding, stainless steel strapping, orgapack etc.