The industrial packaging sector has a variety of load securement options. A major one of them being strapping, with material options such as steel, cord/woven, polyester, and polypropylene strap there are a variety of ways to secure your package. Just like any other consumable it is necessary for the product to be dispensed for application in this case strapping, is typically carted and secured in dispensers for simple delivery of the product. However due to a number of factors different types of strapping requires a specific type of dispenser. The type of method used Strapping is wound in different methods and unto different core sizes, this determines the type of dispenser necessary.


Steel Strapping Dispenser

Considering that steel strapping is heavy Steel dispensers are typically very robust and heavy, to be able to handle the constant beating from the steel strap and steel strapping tools. Steel strapping typically comes in ribbon wound (width of the strap size) or oscillating coils (width of 2.5”- 2.9”). Ribbon wound specific dispensers have two solid discs that secure the strapping coil in the correct core size. As well as dispensing strap, steel dispensers typically feature rollers though which the strapping passes though. These rollers allow for the strap to get smoothly dispensed, straighten out the strap, as well as stop the coil from continuously spinning.


Polyester Strapping Dispenser

Polyester strapping is typically used in quicker application therefore making plastic dispensers much more agile. Polyester Strapping come in cores of 16” and 8” allowing for plastic strapping to be used in a multitude of applications. Most plastic dispenser are similar and potentially even interchangeable with steel dispensers in terms of providing two solid discs that hold the strap in place. However there a few dispenser manufacturers that have gotten rid of the bulky discs and opted to a more light duty and transparent design.



Cord/Woven Strapping Dispenser

Cord Strapping is a relatively newer form of load securement with direct competition to steel in terms of holding power. Cord Strapping Dispensers are the most varied in term of core sizes with 1.5”, 3”, 6” and 8”. Cord Strapping dispensers are the least reinforced considering that cord strapping is light compared to its size.