Japan is the heart of technological progress on our planet… and beyond probably as well, which makes Tokyo the capital of innovation on Earth. There is no need to emphasize how far off did the Japanese broke away from the rest of us in electronics, machinery, nano-technologies. Therefore, when there is a Tokyo Pack 2016 expo – there is no reason in the world not to go there, especially hearing of 6 features about this marvelous event on October 4-7:

  • Distributing Tokyo Pack promo through Japan Packaging Institute members network, consisting of 1 130 companies from this sphere;
  • Focus primarily on packaging supplies and containers with rough 35% of exhibitors showcasing in 2014;
  • Enormous venue in 2014 with quantity of 178 698 visitors;
  • 50-year excellency record with 26 successful ultimate shows since 1966;
  • 14% increase in exhibitors with a number of 684 showcasing companies;
  • Rating of 97, 8% of happy attendees who gained business ventures while at last Tokyo Pack;

Tokyo Pack considered to be unique global platform with specialty on packaging materials, strapping machines, containers. Visit Home - Teknika Strapping Systems if you are in search of more packaging equipment, including banding solutions. In addition, fair gathers the experts in machinery, equipment, supply and distribution, but also environmental safety. Harsh international standards force engineers to shift more and more towards compliant and environmentally friendly technology. That is why the expo attracts so many guests, forcing the sphere and society, too, to affect the change of the environmental perspective from technological spectrum. The exhibit runs under 8 categories, as follows: Packaging Materials/Containers; Packaging Machines; Printing/Converting Machines; Food/Pharmaceutical Processing Machines; Machines for Inspection/Measurement/Additional Operation; Packaging Design/Communication/Service; Logistics/Transport Equipment/Service; Research Institute/Organization/Press. Attending Tokyo Pack will be an unforgettable threefold experience, which boosts your business perspective, inspires to get more creative in terms of technological solutions and evokes environmental concerns using machinery. Find more Upcoming Events in Packaging World - Teknika Strapping Systems on our website.