This year’s show was an unprecedented success, never a dull moment and booth traffic was keeping us on our toes. We see this year as a major growing point for Teknika, our current distributors have vouched to continue to bolster their support for our strapping line and an increasing number of new distributors have found a great interest in the tools we have to offer.

As Teknika Strapping Systems continues to grow with the planned expansion of a manual strapping tool line as well as the development of a battery operated tool, we welcome you to revisit what we have to offer.

During our show the PET Combination tools were the stars. The MUL-350 PET Combination tool for 5/8” and the MUL-351 PET Combination tool for ½” were very popular amongst the showcase. A majority of distributors saw this tool as a potential alternative for Polyester battery tools and an improvement from two piece tools.

Distributors found that a manual PET Combination tool is a very affordable way for end users to limit the loss of time when a battery tool is taken in for repair or a customer has a limited cost in their strapping needs.

Once again Teknika Strapping Systems strives to emphasize on providing not just a strapping tool, but a strapping service. Allowing for our distributors and their customers to take care of their strapping needs with limited complications or trouble.

We thank our current distributor and our potential new distributors for giving us a wonderful show. Until next year!!