Teknika Strapping Systems was founded in 1988 in the Ukraine and to this day, even with moving our headquarters to the United States and selling our products in over 40 countries around the world, we have stayed loyal to our beginnings. As our company founders envisioned having a vertical integration in our company, we have stayed true to their cause. Our manufacturing facility provides hundreds of jobs ranging from engineers, casting specialists, CNC operators and assembly personnel.

With the recent escalating geo-political developments in Ukraine, we were faced with a tough decision of potentially abandoning our established facility for a less volatile location. To the contrary, we decided to fortify our support in any way possible and stick through regardless of the current situation.

Our solution was to allow for our manufacturing facility to become a more dominant and independent production. To support the desire and need for growth we invested in multiple new state of the art CNC machines allowing us to increase our production capacity immensely as well as expand to new projects.

Additional engineers were recruited to enhance the Teknika product line. Specifically with the development of a battery tool line, a number of steel tools, as well as strapping dispensers. As an additional expansion we would also like to mention that our parent company, Teknika Group is now offering ranging engineering services with an initial focus on packaging.

We will continue to provide support to our Ukrainian colleagues whilst expanding our reach and influence in the strapping tools industry.