July 13-15 it is going to be the 21st that Shanghai is welcoming handling and wrapping business individuals and customers with open arms, inviting on a massive occasion. Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC) will be flooded with local and foreign public with an urge to see what novelties are on shelf of the wrapping sector. Primary focus of the expo is technologies required to produce, manufacture, process and wrap up the goods, including banding tools. Buy the way, if you are looking to buy strapping tool online try checking out Online store of banding tools - Teknika Strapping Systems for an extensive assortment of combination strapping tools. Agents of alimentation, drinks, alcoholic drinks, dairy products, pharmaceutics, beauty, household, chemicals spheres are rushing to buy their tickets for the gathering. The expo is basically a junction of 5 exhibitions under the same roof with an area of 60 000 square meters: BevTek China, DairyTek China, FoodTek China, PharmaTek China, CosmeticTek China, which opens new ideas for collaboration and more innovative solutions within industry.

In 2015, 733 unique exhibitors showcased products at ProPak expo, which gathered people of 27 countries around the globe. The organizers will be looking into this year’s show time to compete with last year’s 17 000 visitors and around 2 000 buyers attendance. Show partners with packaging associations from Germany, Japan, Korea, Italy, France, Taiwan Region, UK and USA.

Alongside the show, a conference is going to be held, covering such topics as packaging trends, automation processes solutions, intelligent packaging using robotics, online product inspection, and how packaging helps brands to enhance the product value. After each speech, there will be a chance to clarify issues, concerns or problems that you are facing while the Q&A session after each topic. If you already have questions on equipment and packaging tools, we may help you Service Your Tool - Teknika Strapping Systems if you are having issues with strapping machine.

Don’t let the chance to visit ProPak China pass you by.