Art is abstract and merely represents envision of form of creativity expressed by an author. It can lure through any form, even packaging. New Yorkers definitely have taste for exquisite things. It is here for the fourteenth time already the lovers of lux gather for a unique leading exhibition of creative packaging, and third time in a row in New York. The show is the only one in the U.S. dedicated to creative packaging solutions where the key actors from the region and from around the globe gather for a splendid experience of “full package” style and fashion. If you are looking for information on other shows on packaging, check out more releases at Blog - Teknika Strapping Systems.

In addition to being entertaining and spectacular, the event is also planned to be sharing expertise and knowledge through presentations by the panel performers who are going to talk about design, technology, manufacturing and marketing of elite packaging, and many more. The show is going to be more about the forms. However, if you are researching some packaging equipment and tools, welcome to flip through Images of Strapping Tools to see the collection of strapping tensioner, metal banding and other products that company carries.

Another reason to be at Luxe Pack New York is the Luxe Promo showcase of selective high- class merchandise and POS materials in food and beverage and health and wellness markets which gathers the VIPs from the industry, allowing to joining in to meet and greet, as well as grasp some innovative ideas on the latest packaging trends. It is impossible to get bored at Luxe Pack. The show is a dynamic platform:

  • Luxe Pack Arena – the market titans feature their most offbeat and exceptional solutions.
  • Luxe Pack in green – environmentally friendly solutions for the big business
  • Masterclass conferences – highlights of the industry on hot issues.
  • Turbo Talks – live pitch show brought by the giants of the industry.
  • Material ConneXion – world biggest insightful library carrying sustainable last trend information to inspire some action.

So, if you are in the industry, come over May 11-12. Don’t miss the party, join it!