Today, merely half a success for every product depends on the look of the final product, which is its’ brand representation and good wrapping. Who can know more on brand management, also labelling then Labelexpo Americas? It is on September 13-15 that an exhibition dedicated to designing, creating, producing, making, and distributing labels and packaging will be taking place in Rosemont, Illinois. There will be “total package” in Donald Stephens Convention Center: high technology for printing, wrapping, pressing, finishing, overprinting, dying, coating, securing, banding equipment, like MUL-16 Combination Strapping Tool, or Sealless combination strapping tool, like MUL-20 Metal Banding Tool, etc., you name it.

The expo will be open for 3 days to gather brand owners, designers, suppliers, distributors, as well as the professionals from the heavy industry like printers, converters. It is a productive platform to establish new connections, create long-lasting strategic business partnerships, and learn about the novelties in the sphere. One of the main features of this expo is a unique possibility to stay and watch live launches of paramount heavy machinery and demonstrations of its’ potential in action through your very own eyes. It is the most massive L show on label and package printing in this region which aims at helping you achieve larger network of business partners, add value to your services by improving machinery with high-end resolutions, bring more clientele, choose sustainable machinery to help you reduce costs for production and mend efficiency. Definitely, it is a gathering, which should not be missed.

There are much more events on labeling and packaging, or strapping machines this year. Become more advanced in the business by visiting more Events In Packaging World - Teknika Strapping Systems and get to know where to fly to next to be on top of the industry.