With the use of Cord/Woven Strapping you can get a secure and less dangerous method to strap down your merchandise. Unlike traditional steel strap, cord/woven strapping utilizes the use of a buckle. Only a cord specific strapping tensioner is necessary thus eliminating the need for seals and a sealer.

However applying a cord buckle may be more challenging than meets the eye. That is why we have created a “how to” on applying the cord buckle. Follow these easy steps and you will become an expert in no time. 

To apply cord strapping to a buckle:

  • Feed the strap under the load and bring the strap back around.
  • Create a loop by folding the strap away from you
  • Feed the loop through the center of the buckle 
  • Pull the loop over the top prong of the buckle 
  • With the other end of the strap create a loop facing you
  • Feeding the loop through the center of the buckle and wrap the loop over the top prong. 
  • Use a cord/woven strapping tensioner to tension strap