They say “Beauty will save the world”. It surely will, unless it has a proper packaging! For this, one of the fashion capitals of the world – New York - opens its doors for an event of the year - HBA Global. The show is specifically prepared for the business people in the sector who come to celebrate the health and beauty to full extent of one's power. Please, put your arms together for a round of applause for beauty of all forms: exclusive developmental ideas for a product, various assortments of materials, sustainability and safety concepts, fresh marketing solutions, and supply and distribution opportunities. Even if you are looking for a strapping solution for your industry – you will definitely find it at HBA Global.  Also, check out Video of Banding Tools - Teknika Strapping Systems for more of banding tools and metal strapping. 

There is no other place you would want to be on June 14-16 if you are up to beauty and health business. At this progressive production show the attendees will experience the most cosmopolitan notions in the chain from product idea to distribution. Show is going to exhibit latest solutions from over 900 eminent suppliers. Javits Convention Center is expected on gathering more than 1500 visitors to see the show, converse with potential partners, clients, and have fun during 3 days of major events. 

Moreover, HBA Global sets up a conference for visitors to learn from the best of the health and beauty titans and synthesize own solution to the ever evolving market needs. Everyone from product designer to supply manager is going to be there. You should, too. 

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