Teknika Strapping Systems was founded in 1988 in the Ukraine and to this day, even with moving our headquarters to the United States and selling our products in over 40 countries around the world, we have stayed loyal to our beginnings. As our company founders envisioned having a vertical integration in our company, we have stayed true to their cause. Our manufacturing facility provides hundreds of jobs ranging from engineers, casting specialists, CNC operators and assembly personnel.

Since the inception of Teknika Strapping Systems, our goal was to look at the market, consider the faults and deficiencies of existing offerings and improve on them. Our background in aerospace engineering allowed our strapping tools design team to come up with innovative solutions and provide a product that is significantly better engineered than that of our competitors. This is why we hold numerous patents and unique design features that have never been replicated. We were the first company to design tools specifically for cord applications; these tools are now sold as flagship equipment by the majority of cord strap manufacturers around the world. Several of our patents have greatly improved the operation of strapping tools and keep customers coming back time and time again to our line of offerings.

We hold strong to the belief that we make a unique product recognized by users for its features, capabilities, reliability, as well as for its brand name and affordable price tag.

The strapping industry is considered an established one, and we at Teknika believe we have progressed it forward into the future with our current selection of manual strapping tools. To stay true to our mission we are continuing to expand our line with an addition of a battery tool line, premium dispensers, and seals coming in 2017.

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