Dunnage Air Bags offer a unique solution to protect cargo during its long way to your customers. Only imagine the disappointment if instead the great product you get damaged goods! This shipping airbags are used like a pillow for load securement!

Polypropylene or carton bags can be incorporate into shipping by sea, by land, by air or in any combination. On arrival at the destination air bags can be removed in a few seconds. That makes them time saving. You release the air from bags, it will appear around the cargo space at the same moment, enabling you to efficiently unload the vehicle. All this happens quickly, simply and efficiently. Most of air bags can be used several times.

Advantages of using the inflatable dunnage bags:

Easy to work. Fast to operate with bags in any environment - you receive a secure transportation in a few minutes simply using any type of compressor, thus strongly fix the loads.

Cost. Polypropylene bags easily can be used several times without loss of functional properties.

Moisture resistant. Dunnage bags are completely waterproof, suitable for use in high humidity (up to 100%) and temperatures up to 50 C. At the same time, they have a minimum weight, which makes their use easy and economic.

Versatility. Dunnage bags of air are suitable for securing huge loads and loads of non-standard configurations, having width from 10 cm to 50 cm, which differ this type of load securement.

Think about nature. Packaging bags are made on the technology, which involves the recycling of used products. Airbags are safe for transported goods and for the people that use them.

Using dunnage bag guarantee complete safety of transported goods. All kinds of transportation, marine, land and air, feel the benefits of dunnage airbags.