A wide variety of tools with manual, semi-automatic, automatic type of action are used in the packaging industry. However, almost all of them use strapping buckles and seals to secure the ends of the strap (steel, polyester, polypropylene or cord straps).

Strapping buckle is a piece of wire, bent by a special method. The strap is moved into the buckle and thanks to the construction is delayed effortlessly via tensioner. Sealer in this case is not required. Wire buckles for strapping are made from stainless steel wire with a corrosion-resistant coating. The strength of the connection depends of the selected thickness of buckle and its design. Also plastic buckles are used in strapping, but it works only with light cargo!

Strapping seals is the most common way on the market of securing of two ends of the strap. Seals are used for Steel, PET and PP strapping applications. In order to close the seal and finish the packaging process additional tool such as sealer/crimper required. However, there are Combination Strapping Tools on a market that eliminates the need of two separate tools. Choose the tool according to your seals types and strap. There are three types of seals: open seals, closed seals (push type), and serrated seals.

Open Seals mostly used for Polypropylene strap applications and made of a thin metal. Due to embossed surface of the strap seals does not require any serrated design.

Closed Seals (push type seal) are used for steel straps. Thick metal and longer lengths of the seal provide superior performance for heavy loads.

Serrated Seal are used for PET or PP smooth strap. Special serrated design provides a great gripping performance which allows to use the seals in regular and heavy duty applications.

How to choose a right seals or buckles for your load? First, what strap are you using? With most cord/woven straps – use buckles. Steel, PET and PP – use seals

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