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Latest news and trends in Packaging market. New strapping solutions: is cord strap becoming more popular that steel strap? Innovative ideas and test results for new poly banding tools. What makes MUL series tools a strong competitor of Orgapack and Signode? This and much more news about packaging world can be found here.

A wide variety of tools with manual, semi-automatic, automatic type of action are used in the packaging industry. However, almost all of them use strapping buckles and seals to secure the ends of the strap (steel, polyester, polypropylene or cord straps).


Dunnage Air Bags offer a unique solution to protect cargo during its long way to your customers. Only imagine the disappointment if instead the great product you get damaged goods! This shipping airbags are used like a pillow for load securement!

In the growing packaging market, transit companies and manufacturers face problems with load transportation securement.

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